This includes a the GI-MAP comprehensive stool panel (you will receive a kit and mail your sample in), a one-hour read-out phone consult by a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, a custom protocol to address any gut pathogens or imbalances (if relevant), and a 10% lifetime discount on professional-grade supplements.


The GI-MAP uses DNA tachnology to look at the composition and balance of commensal bacteria (the good bacteria that are supposed to be in our guts), pathogenic bacteria (the bad guys, including potential autoimmune triggers), fungi, viruses (including Epstein Barr), and parasites (including H. Pylori). It also includes markers for inflammation (calprotectin), occult blood, fat digestion (via steatocrit, a market of undigested fat in the stool), and pancreatic function (via elastase). It is also able to predict antibiotic resistance for cases of h. pylori. 

GI-MAP Comprehensive Stool Panel

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  • All sales are final. Because we are unable to get a refund for tests ordered but not completed, we are unable to offer a refund to you. However, if you order the test and decide not to run it, we will still honor your one-hour consultation, which may be used as a health assessment or general wellness coaching session. 

  • This test is only available in the U.S., and is not available to residents of New York State. Should you live in New York State, it may be possible to run the test if you agree to collect the sample outside of the state. If you live in New York State and are interested in this test, please contact me at Thank you. 

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