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This base Vibrant Wellness test bundle includes 4 Zoomer tests on the foods of your choice (options include: Wheat, Dariy, Egg, Corn, Soy, Lectins, Peanuts, Nuts, and Seafood).


All bundles include a free Neural Zoomer (looks at early brain autoimmunity markers), plus a one-hour results phone consultation with Sheri Kaufmann (a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Gluten Practitioner). 


After your order, I will contact you and you can choose the 4 tests in your bundle. As note, you can also opt to upgrade to a 5-, 6-, 7-, 8- or 9-Zoomer Bundle below. When you order any Zoomer bundle, you may add celiac genetics (tests for the HLA-DQ2 and the HLA-DQ8) for just $99.


Note: it is always recommended to include a Wheat Zoomer in any bundle if you have not run one recently because it includes additional markers for immune system function (which helps interpret the other Zoomer tests) as well as for gut permeability, which is an important to understand so you can track gut health after removal of sensitive foods. The Wheat Zoomer also includes a celiac antibodies panel (though celiac genetics are an optional $99 add on). 


Unlike standard blood allergy tests that look for one core peptide of a food, the Zoomer tests check a whole range of peptides. This test is stated to have a 99% sensitivity and 99% specificity (this means only a 1% chance of a false negative or positive), as validated by the Mayo Clinic. This is an excellent test to gain a deeper understanding of food intolerances without the degree of worry over false negative and positives as comes with most food sensitivity tests.   


Once you receive your kit, I can help you find a partner blood draw location near you (or a mobile phlebotomist), or you can go to a local hospital or clinic. You may need to pay a small blood draw fee, which is not included in this test fee. 

Build a Zoomer Food Sensitivity Bundle + Free Neural Zoomer

  • All sales are final. If you order the test, and later decide not to run it, I will still honor your one-hour consultation, which can be used as a general health assessment or coaching session. Please note this is test is only available in the U.S., and it not available in New York state. 

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