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This comprehensive thyroid test includes a 45-minute results read-out session by phone, plus results that can be brought to your physician or an endicrinologiest if you'd like further evaluation. 


Common symptoms of thyroid problems may include chronic fatigue, heat or cold intolerance, unexplained weight gain or loss, dry skin/eyes, brittle nails, hair loss, heart palpitations, and more. 


This test looks at the following markers: 


  • TSH
  • T3
  • T4
  • Free T3
  • Free T4
  • TSH
  • Anti-TPO
  • Anti-TG
  • Reverse T3 (RT#)


Comprehensive Thyroid Panel

  • All sales are final. If you order the test, and later decide not to run it, I will still honor your one-hour consultation, which can be used as a general health assessment or coaching session. Please note this is test is only available in the U.S., and it not available in New York state. 

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